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The Journal of Creativity in Mental Health

Thelma Duffey, Ph.D., JCMH Editor

Thank for visiting the homepage for the Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, published by Routledge, The Taylor & Francis Group.  Please refer to the Author Packet for instructions on manuscript submissions and guidelines for authors.  In our journal you will find examples of research, theory, and practice related to creativity in counseling and relational movement in therapy.  Each issue provides concrete, practical examples for applying creative counseling interventions in private practice, agency, and school settings. Manuscripts include practical applications for various cutting edge, creative interventions designed to promote positive, growth-fostering relationships.   JCMH also includes columns designed for sharing interventions and edited cinema and book reviews. The context of the journal includes contemporary clinical issues such as grief and loss, divorce, remarriage, physical health, trauma, gender, and LGBTQ issues. The journal also explores issues from developmental and culturally dynamic contexts.


From the Editor


Welcome!  And thank you for visiting the JCMH website.  JCMH is the official journal of the Association for Creativity in Counseling (ACC), the newest division within the American Counseling Association.  This international journal is published with the goal of providing mental health professionals and graduate students in counseling scholarship that addresses theory, research, and hands-on creative interventions in counseling practice. A particular goal of the ACC is to promote an understanding of how we develop our capacities to form and sustain positive, growth-fostering relationships with others.   Authors include mental health professionals and graduate students in community counseling, school counseling, psychology, expressive therapies, psychiatry, social work, and others.

Each issue includes manuscripts on a wide range of creative interests. 
We invite authors to submit manuscripts that reflect the inclusive, diverse, and relational goals of the journal. Manuscripts undergo a peer review process and explore such venues as music, literature, theatre, drama, art, dance, and others. We are also interested in receiving submissions that describe energy psychologies and other complementary and alternative therapies.  Additionally, we welcome articles for our special feature columns on Creative Interventions, Creativity and the Cinema, Perspectives, and Creativity and Literature. 

Thelma Duffey, Ph.D., JCMH Editor

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