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ACC Remembers
Dr. Sam Gladding

Samuel T. Gladding was professor of counseling at Wake Forest University. He was the recipient of numerous awards, including the David K. Brooks Distinguished Mentoring Award and the Arthur A. Hitchcock Distinguished Professional Service Award. He was past president of and a Fellow in the American Counseling Association. Gladding was also the author of a number of notable books, including Groups: A Counseling Specialty, The Creative Arts in Counseling, Becoming a Counselor: The Light, the Bright, and the Serious, and Family Therapy: History, Theory, and Practice. ACC recognizing the impact of Dr. Gladding with our Samuel T. Gladding Inspiration and Motivation Award.

Dr. Gladding was a giant in the counseling profession, a compassionate leader at Wake Forest University, and a wonderful friend, colleague, mentor, advisor, and teacher. He was very kind, caring, supportive, and humble, as well as exceptionally creative, whimsical, and productive.

The Association for Creativity in Counseling honors the loss of this creative visionary. We invite others in our field to share their experiences with Dr. Gladding and the impact of his work. 

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